About Us



Founded in 2005, TBE is a leading small business in the City of Syracuse with three core divisions: distribution services, custom cable manufacturing and audio-visual integration. 
The company focuses on three values: ​​

TBE has preferrencial hiring practices for military veterans, minorities, women, and people of poverty. A diverse workplace fosters innovation and brings people together for the common goal of succeeding in business and life. 

Rooted in military service, the company strives to continue to serve through various community outreach programs helping veterans, minorities, education, and those in poverty. 

We are committed to a culture of excellence that views every task as an opportunity to excel and grow. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service and deliver high quality products and services that exceeds our customers' expectations.


A service-disabled Veteran of the U.S. Army, Tony Baird founded the business after several years as an inner-city educator and coach.  Tony was able to transition his experience as a satellite communications expert into the successful company it is today.